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Jason Fisher
Atlanta, GA

Customer acquisition, including paid media and online media. And inbound marketing techniques like content marketing. Website UX, analytics and optimization. View Mentor Profile

Neal J Mandelbaum
Atlanta, GA

IT Consulting in Financial Industries and Accounting View Mentor Profile

Tocsha Brown
Valdosta, GA

I can help you with any staffing or human resources topics. My expertise includes human resources, recruitment, staffing, employment law, OSHA, and educational services. View Mentor Profile

Allen Kim
Avondale Estates, GA

I can help business owners assess their current operations, identify opportunities for cost savings and sales growth, set SMART goals, and develop action plans. View Mentor Profile

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Jorge Del Cid
Atlanta, GA

I endeavor to help you see the “big picture” of your business, create your business roadmap, and recommend your method of operation. View Mentor Profile

Atlanta, GA

By listening and working with you to find the best path to financial success with the gifts you have been given.  Through a broader evidence-based view Michael uses his backgr View Mentor Profile

Jason Bitar
Atlanta, GA

I can help you get your ideas to market. I'm a business professional with a broad range of skills and experience in marketing, management and franchising.  View Mentor Profile

Nakia Melecio
Atlanta, GA

As founder of iDesignproject and NKM Consulting Group, LLC, Nakia Melecio is dedicated to the organizational development, leadership, human capital and executive coaching. View Mentor Profile

Charles Mbugua
Atlanta, GA

I will be more than happy to help you with tour Taxation, accounting, and Bookkeeping needs. View Mentor Profile

Joseph Davidson Williams
Dunwoody, GA

Fortune 500 Finance & Accounting (25 yrs); Small Business Owner (6yrs); Public Accounting (7 yrs) & USAF Officer (4 yrs). View Mentor Profile

Jay Levy
Atlanta, GA

My entire career has been devoted to the sales, marketing and advertising of pharmaceutical products. View Mentor Profile

Ronald E Watkins
Stone Mountain, GA

I retired from Federal Express Corp as a Sr Personnel Representative ( local personnel manager). View Mentor Profile

Clark Perrin Sr.
Tyrone, GA

Over 40 years of diversified experience in various industries, with extensive expertise in domestic and international markets.  Spearheaded manufacturing and supply chain oper View Mentor Profile

Gerald Brown
Atlanta, GA

Labor Dept. Washington, DC ---mediator, auditor, arbitrator, investigator, admin hearing officer, public affairs officer--administered Fair Labor Standards Act regulations View Mentor Profile