Our Speakers Bureau can help you succeed.

Business experts assist in community activities such as economic development meetings, school & college business classes or media activities where chapter members are able to help by providing business insight and perspective in various topics.  

Here are a just a few of our experienced and engaging speakers:

Nakia Melecio

As founder of NKM Consulting Group, LLC, Nakia Melecio is dedicated to organizational development, leadership, human capital and executive coaching. As an expert with years of experience in high-end consulting, Nakia loves to work with organizations that want more, are willing to take risks and even step on the ledge a bit in order to push change and innovation that align strategy with performance to produce positive business results. As CEO of NKM Consulting Group, he brings his entrepreneurial spirit balanced with years of practical experience; In order to provide opportunities that is fun, exciting and highly productive. He coaches, teaches and consults with government and industry leaders to create high-performance environments that directly impact the mission of change, culture. and the bottom line. He shares in the thought leadership community through speaking at conferences, publishing works and engaging the community. He has a notable reputation for innovation, creativity, and reliability as well as his dynamic ability to fully engage his audiences through competence and humor. Nakia was drawn to coaching and training because he is highly empathetic, a powerful communicator and a skilled problem solver.

His passion and commitment energize the coaching process and help facilitate positive personal and organization changes for his clients. His coaching and facilitation approach draws on his understanding of business, leadership, organizational culture, adult learning and human development theory, and change management practices. Mr. Melecio has a master's degree in Education, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Behavior and He is also a Doctoral Candidate in Psychology. He also completed in-depth coach training program to become a certified Executive Coach and life coach, and Christian Coach as well as a program to become a certified Christian education teacher. And on my journey to this point, Mr. Melecio had to overcome a near-fatal car accident that left him partial paralyzed. Broken in body but not in spirit, Mr. Melecio determination and faith led him to overcome his paralysis and go on to cultivate his successful career, working as a strength coach at a few southern universities, while also becoming an entrepreneur, educator, and certified business, executive and life coach. It is through these experiences and extensive research that Mr. Melecio is able to parlay theory into application, and effectively teach, coach, and motivate others to transcend their circumstances and achieve the impossible. Mr. Melecio is known for his outgoing personality, impressive intuition, and positive attitude, all of which facilitate building sustainable relationships with clients, partners, and vendors alike. A devout man of faith, Mr. Melecio parlays his gifts into the joys of work and stewardship. Mr. Melecio currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information please visit www.nakiamelecio.com

Jack Bernard

Jack has been involved in the healthcare field for 35 years.  He was the first Director of Health Planning for the State of Georgia.  Jack then entered the private sector and served as a senior level executive with numerous healthcare firms including Humana, NME (now Tenet), Premier and MedAssets.  He is a well-known national health reform editorialist. Jack has also been a local activist, serving on the Jasper County Board of Commissioners since 2005.  He has been on numerous committees  and boards, including the Jasper County Board of Health.  Jack chaired the state Tax and Property Tax Committees of the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia.

Jay Levy

During a career spanning more than forty years I was involved at various levels as a salesman and marketer of pharmaceuticals and related healthcare products. Initially serving as a sales rep, sales manager and then product manager for a large, global pharmaceutical company, I then moved on to start a direct marketing agency offering high impact marketing programs to manufacturers of healthcare products. Over a period of twelve years I built this company into a solid business before selling it in 1995. Finally, I relocated to Atlanta to help a local healthcare advertising agency start a direct marketing division. Eleven years later I retired while serving as president of the agency.